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Babies / Children

Babies and children regularly experience ear infections, latching/breastfeeding challenges, moodiness, acid reflux, colic/irritability, restricted head movement such as torticollis, poor coordination, sleep disturbances, noise sensitivity, respiratory issues, and more. Babies and children may require adjustments to relieve pain due to neck or back pain as well, just as adults do.

Getting small tiny adjustments for your infant or child can improve symptoms or rectify a vast majority of these ailments and ensure that the spine continues growing in the correct way. Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy are also beneficial after an accident or other physical trauma in the birth canal in which healing of injuries and prevention of further pain or conditions is required.

Our manual therapists can ease your child’s discomfort by providing pediatric chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture to strengthen and align muscles, increase mobility, improve sleep, promote relaxation and healthy movements, enhance neurological development, relieve discomforts, stimulate physiological systems, and so much more!

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