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Low Back Injuries

A low back injury refers to any pain associated with your muscles, ligaments, or spine in the lower back. Common lower back injuries include muscle strain, ligament strain, arthritis, pinched nerves, osteoporosis, bulging disks, and ruptured / herniated disks. Weak muscles of the core and back, along with excess weight, falling, and improper lifting can also lead to back pain.

It is important to treat even mild symptoms of back pain since your back is involved in everything your body does. If left untreated or not treated properly, you’re at risk of suffering from chronic pain and stiffness, improper posture, inability to lift or perform other physical duties, inability to sleep, and more.

The Kinetic Living team can assist with your low back pain by working to improve your range of motion and alignment with chiropractic care and massage, reducing the pain and inflammation with acupuncture and rehabilitative exercise to strengthen your core and muscles of the low back.

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