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Postural Issues

Postural issues encompass a range of habits that put your spine in awkward and unnatural positions, causing stress on the spine, joints, and muscles. Common postural issues include slouching when seated, rounded shoulders, one-legged leaning, forward head carriage, bent knees, arching of the lower back, and most commonly known, ‘tech neck’.

A poor posture can result in pain in the neck, shoulders, back, and arms, weak abdominal muscles, hunched back, tension headaches, poor sleep, disrupted digestion, lack of motivation due to pain, and concurrent self-esteem issues.

Our team can help with your postural issues by strengthening your muscles, correcting the alignment of your spine, hips, shoulders, and other target areas of poor posture, as well as provide pain overall relief- allowing you to perform activities such as walking or working at a desk with ease.

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